What to Ask Your Client Before Starting a UX Design Project

Any UX designer will be able to tell you that contrary to popular belief, designing is not the first thing to do when assigned a project. Instead of jumping headfirst into brainstorming and designing, UX designers should gain a full understanding of the project requirements, the client’s background, and the client’s purpose for commissioning this project. A beautifully designed website that fails to meet the project objectives is an utter failure. A good looking failure, but a failure nonetheless.

This article has come up with three questions that, when asked to the client, will help you gain a better understanding of them and their project requirements:

How do You Differ from Your Competitors (if any)?

Phrased differently, this question asks: what is special about your company? To those who have done thorough research on the company (as you should have), the answer to this question is probably obvious. However, you need to ask this question so that you can have a feel of what the client believes is the appeal of their competitors, as compared to their company.

Having an idea about how your client wants to portray their company, in comparison to their competitors, will help you in your designs as it gives you insight into what your client expects to be emphasised. It will give you ideas of how to create a unique design for your client.

What is Your Typical Customer Like?

The question will provide you with better ideas of what the company is about. What are the means your clients use when interacting with customers? Does your client target customers that are new to the market? What language does the typical customer speak? All these kind of questions are important to use in your design. If for instance you are designing a logo and you find that your client’s typical customer speaks a different language from what your client speaks, then you should make more effort to ensure that your logo overcomes this language barrier effectively.

Do You Have Any Questions of Your Own?

Some clients have many questions but may, for whatever reason, be hesitant to ask them. No matter the reason, always ensure that your client is aware they are always free to approach you with any kind of question. Let them know how to contact you in case of any queries. This can even give the client a way to pursue your services in the future for further projects.

Make sure to establish a good relationship with your client and let them know that communication goes both ways; that they are free to ask you any questions as well. At the same time, you should also do your own research so as to understand your client and the project. Take care not to ask them questions that can easily be answers with a quick internet search. Ask them questions that give you greater insight into their company’s position and expectations.


These questions are just some examples of what you can ask your client; compile your own list that is customised to the needs of your project.


Getting Started with Design Prototyping

Getting Started with Design Prototyping

Before undertaking any project, planning is very important. This is an approach that every innovator and manager follow while undertaking some great work. During planning, the mind is put at work to develop viable ideas and solutions to the task at hand. You will be able to visualize and come up with suitable project ideas. Once you have come up with a worthwhile idea, it is time to start testing it. This is where design prototyping comes in handy. Prototyping will offer approaches and tools for exploring and testing your ideas. Once your idea has been proven functional you can now start incorporating more resources to bring it to life. This is a process followed by every company that wants to create a new product. Besides, innovators follow this process of design prototyping.


Honestly, design prototyping is an approach that has been used by various innovators and designers all over the world. That is why a country like Singapore has not lagged behind in this new trend. In fact, it is home to a number of companies that handle all design-related businesses. These companies use design prototyping to work on all the designing projects at their disposal.


Technological advancement has played a significant role in design prototyping. This can be confirmed by the increase in enhanced prototyping tools such as Adobe XD. This tool will help you create awesome clickable prototypes. The need for such tools has led to an increase in UX companies Singapore. These companies offer reliable design prototyping tools to designers. Users of these tools have witnessed substantial results in all their project undertaking. Progress is evident through the many successful projects completed in India.

What is a prototype?

Defining a prototype is the first step of embracing design prototyping. This is a basic model of any proposed solution. This simple model will be used in testing and validating assumptions, designs, and ideas. As a result, a designer will be able to make informed changes and modification to the idea at hand.

A prototype can take up any form depending on the project you are undertaking. However, all prototypes are tangible forms of every idea. They issue a proposed solution to a project that is to be undertaken. That is why a lot of designers make sketches of a product they expect to produce at the end of their project. These sketches give them an idea and greenlight on where they are heading to. The so-called prototypes will avail possible mistakes and solutions to those shortcomings.

The essence of prototypes

Prototypes are a must have for any designer. They present a great assortment of possibilities, more so paths to be undertaken to achieve the desired results. Below are some of the benefits of using prototypes:

  •  Uncovers Insights

Prototypes give insights on the product you are working on. You will be able to unravel biases and assumptions. Then you can use the uncovered insights to find a viable solution.

  •  Can be used as a research method

Prototypes allow one to design, think and explore every problematic area. No doubt this approach is a reliable form of research.

  •  Can be used in exploring problems

A prototype will confirm to you all the problems present in your project idea. It is upon you to design possible solutions after discovering these problems.

  •  Provides a learning experience

The use of prototypes will grant you a workable learning experience. You will understand the dynamics and problems in your proposed product.

  •  Engaging and testing

By using prototypes, you are able to test and engage your product idea. Available mistakes can be identified and corrected with immediate effect.

  •  Provides motivation

You can use prototypes in selling new ideas. This approach will open new ways and ideas to the available markets.

How does design prototyping work?

  •  Investigating every assumption

Prototyping aims at reaching at the bottom of every problem to provide a reasonable solution. That being the case, all assumptions have to be looked into. Active testing will be adopted through the use of experiments. These experiments will either approve or disapprove your assumptions. This action is very vital in determining the viability of your project idea and product idea.

  •  Action-oriented

Design-prototyping focuses on learning by doing. Through it, you get to explore possibilities and uncover reliable insights. You will experiment and explore all possible solutions needed in making your project better. To reach that fit, prototypes will act as test models that ensure you discover any possible mistakes in your project idea. Once you have unraveled these problems you can now discern before coming up with any solution. This is an approach that has helped many designers to complete their projects stress-free.

  •  Deeply places you in your area of interest

Focusing on your area of interests opens a number of possibilities. Along the way, you can come up with a viable idea that will offer a solution to a particular problem. Through design prototyping, you unearth your ideas. You can then engage in active testing to find a viable solution for the problem at hand. This will open a whole world of possibilities to you.

  •  Subjects you to intensive testing and brainstorming

Once in a while if not all the time you work so hard to find a lasting solution to a certain problem. Unfortunately, after a lot of research and investigation, the proposed solution does not work as expected. Design prototyping helps in preventing such needless occurrences. These instances can be avoided through intensive testing by using prototypes. This approach will make known all potential mistakes you are likely to make. Then reliable solutions can be developed to curb the present mistakes. This is one of the best ways of coming up with dependable solutions, products, and services.


Design prototyping is one of the best ways of ensuring you come up with a quality product, project, and service. It will subject you to intense testing and experimentation to find a practical solution to the present problem. This approach has been adopted in many countries for instance Singapore. As a result, Singapore has witnessed a growth in UX design agencies in Singapore. These firms provide prototyping tools that can be used by entrepreneurs, designers and project managers.


The Crucial Demand of Working With the very best UI Layout Agency

UI/UX layout plays a crucial role in the success or failing of a web site. Depending on the nature of your service, the objective of having a site can be to just establish a visibility in the stellar network, maybe an ecommerce site in which case you would be looking for sales, you may simply want to create Jin-design  leads which will make website traffic as well as signups the key purposes or you could merely have an internet site that satisfies readers and also you have it monetized with advertisements and associate web links. Whatever is your main and also secondary purposes, your internet site should have a remarkable UI/UX layout. For that, you would require to hire the very best UI style agency.

Importance of UI/UX Style


When someone checks out your website, the very first point that matters is the design of the landing web page or homepage. The whole design, the shades, fonts, the placement of numerous features like the logo, company name, the manner in which the material is presented, phones call to action, sidebars, headers, footers, widgets, social networks symbols, feeds, web links and a sitemap; all these components must be wisely intended as well as placed so the visitor or your target market is pleased. Or else, your target market will certainly discover it tough to search the site, will certainly be sidetracked and also might not be overfilled enough to remain on or to go to once again.

It is rather feasible that your UI/UX layout is easy sufficient to have no impact whatsoever. The website can wind up being made complex, challenging to understand and also the customers might likewise be perplexed with the messaging. UI/UX layout is not nearly how your website looks but just how tempting it is, how simple it is and also the whole configuration will affect branding.

Hiring a Good UI Style Company

In an age controlled by open source software application and also design templates that can be downloaded and install and used by any kind of and also motley, employing an excellent UI style company has actually come to be more crucial. Your internet site has to stand out. It might have an out of the world style or it can promote simpleness with lan. Regardless of what sort of web site you desire, employing a great UI design firm will figure out if your site satiates your target market or if they are disinterested enough to not consider your business or what you are supplying.

An excellent UI design firm will certainly make sure that your online existence is engaging, indelibly impressive as well as, more notably, practical.

Points to Look Out for in a Site Design Agency

With the increase in popularity of internet sites nowadays, more and more organisations are striving to locate that expert website design company that will be able to provide them with a professional-looking site that is sure to catch the interest of clients both old and brand-new. There are lots of various websites turning up the web as well as with the demand continuously boosting; competition among all the internet site design agencies is tough.

The continuous use these web sites currently put concern


As a consumer, that makes you think what the fuss with sites is all about. Very few individuals recognize that these on-line sites are digital shopping areas for customers that just wish to conveniently shop within the comforts of their very own home. The continuous use these web sites currently put concern on just how much will the return of investment amount to for the business  check my reference proprietor when his online shop is designed as well as organized on the net by a website style agency. It is anticipated that there will certainly be expenses involved for their services yet the inquiry hinges on just how much will certainly the costs be.

The profits incurred in running and also preserving a website relies on the first stages of the brows through. Yes, the business owner got more income depending upon the number of brows through to his web site each day. This is the reason that preparing an allocate an appealing as well as professional-looking website is necessary for marketing your company along with promoting your products. A reputable web site style firm will certainly be able to give you with these. You can really recommend a budget plan as well as the both of you will work out the terms along with the services and products that you want included. Do your homework as well as look for the most affordable web site style firm that will certainly provide you with the personalized service as well as will too cater to all your demands.

It can be an opportunity that large website design companies will bill extra. You need not require to pay a whole lot for a site. There are tool sized site layout firms that are equally as good and also give the exact same solutions that those in the big league offer. Just because the smaller business set you back much less does not indicate that their solutions are substandard. They merely do not use great deals of employees and marketing costs that add up to the service price.

Prior to working with one, check out their backgrounds initially. Your business will certainly rely on that agency that will look after your site. Their credibility is your own as well as this is what you need to additionally watch out for. Web design firms utilize advertising and marketing gimmickry just to attracting consumers as well as clients. There are those who assert of cost with high quality service. While they may seem to be real, it is still best that you check into these insurance claims.

Be cautious in any way times.

Absolutely nothing is totally free these days and also those that market cost-free internet site style firm solutions will just be deceiving. Do keep in mind that anything that is cheaper and budget friendly is already sort of totally free and also you can never get a higher deal than that, not unless you make the web site on your own.

A Website Design Agency That Encourages Visionaries To Escort The Brands

In the present day, it is easier to develop and also create the web site over night and begin advertising/promoting to draw the website traffic. Several people do this without considering the performance of the internet site. The site you set up in public mirrors regarding your company/brand, everything about you in a professional way. It is incredibly vital to recognize what you are leaving this internet site.

Check out your internet site and think from a visitor’s viewpoint. Does it interest you? No, after that you know where you have actually gone wrong with your web site. Maybe anything, right from design to web content to design and so on. Website designing is not just a job rather an innovative task that needs enormous harmonizing of all the things while establishing the web site.


It Is Your Best Face Onward

The concern is whether you are portraying your organisation photo or your very own will certainly that mirrors everything about you as well as your company. It implies that the picture you are placing on the website will certainly be for your possible clients, customers, organisation links, investors etc. The site works as the impression, which implies it is the face that individuals recognize and attaches you with. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the significance of the web site style.

The Relevance Of Your Online Company

A web design company while more tips here  developing your internet site pays attention to the site. The specialists very well understand about how to work with these to render the very best results. It intends to share the knowledge and experience so that your websites reaps the benefits and endeavor the success. With the ideal approaches and devices, there are no reservations concerning maintaining your web site stand exclusive.

It Is More Than Simply Creating An Area

Developing your internet site as well as providing it a shape, a life is far more than just setting up brick as well as concrete when constructing a structure. A website design agency takes notice of the positioning of each design/items/contents and see to it that they are in sync with each other. With very easy navigation style, as well as those captivating appeal makes sure that the visitor is sure to visit it. This makes your web site user friendly so that the consumer/client can easily surf around and fetch the info he/she is searching for. The eye-catching layout display guarantees the passer-by to at the very least click as soon as on the page and store.

Present date’s on the internet pattern calls for a layout and web content in a manner that it scores in advance of the leading internet search engine. This design agency is well-versed with the SEO concepts as well as looks after your online business.

The Factors To Pick Layout Company

There are a lot of reasons to select the website design company as well as some of them are:

  • Impressive client service
  • Originality in the site styles
  • Budget-friendly
  • Professionalism and trust
  • Online search engine visibility
  • Usage of modern technology


The design company is the one that is confident in providing what it states as well as the website design firm definitely provides where the customers are promised about their unique web site at cost effective costs.